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NOT your ordinary spinning fibers or yarns!  I've been around doing fiber arts a really long time - knitting custom kilt hose in the 1980s and before that, I did work for a famous Dallas department store's custom boutique, all while earning my keep with a "real" job.  1992 was when I went full-time fiber arts. I dye all the Fibers and Yarns myself using my special water-wise techniques and keep chemicals to the minimum.  And I don't paint the skeins or roving, so I don't put plastic wrap in the landfill!  I get my colors and patterns in other ways.  SILK, Wool, Blends of the Two, Exotics, Flax Blends and now COTTON!  Featured in "Know your Wool" and Spin Artiste. 

I've had patterns in Knitter's, Knitting Digest, Threads, Lion Brand Yarns and others.  I've exhibited & taught at many festivals, including Stitches Midwest, Estes Park, Taos, Big Sky (MT), DFW, Interweave Yarn Fest, Georgia Fiber Fest, Albuquerque Fiber Fiesta, and Plyaway!  I've been Workshop Coordinator for both Estes Park and Taos, happily now not organizing anything but my OWN schedule.

New!  yarnoncats.com features pictures of hand spun yarn on the Correira cats (really), for amusement and sale - OF THE YARN :)

USA shipping included.    Custom Kilt-Hose.    Patterns available on:  Ravelry Patterns